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I really love this game! I would consider this game as a thriller. However, adds some more jumpscares and horror aspects and then you've got yourself a horror game! The gameplay is very simple and easy to use. Really like how my computer (which is trash) has no issues like lag or crashes while running this game! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

*Moderate Spoiler*

Also I realized that at the end of my video that this game was a demo. Which made sense why Seth was going nowhere in the "4th level".  It would have been great if there was a "End Demo" screen but that's okay!

P.S. I hope you like my thumbnail uwu
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This game was absolutely amazing, I really want the full game.

Just a side note to the developer, there is an area in Seth's portion that is missing collisions at the southern pathway  so you can just walk off the map.

But please make more!

I'm glad you liked it !! I'm still working on the full game :) 

(thank you for telling me about the missing collider haha)

How you managed to make a game of just lines interesting is beyond me. Kudos for making the game. 

Good game loved the art style basic but very good the story to me was a bit confusing but i loved the game good job.

Strange game demo

deep game sad but really well made I love it looking forward to more ,here is my playthrough 

This game really threw me for a loop at first. It took me a second to really understand the whole concept. I love these 'mind-blown' promoting games and they're so few and far between! The ambiance was amazing, as you can hear me say about 8000x throughout the video. The music matched the atmosphere perfectly and really gave you that constant dread, that constant feeling of 'what is about to happen to me?' It had a super unique artstyle that ran surprisingly smooth! The game told a great story through memories and I didn't really know how to take it all in, even once I saw everything in the game. It left me wanting more. I loved it and I can't wait for the full version! Thanks for making this beautiful piece of playable artwork!

Thank you !! :)

If a demo is supposed to generate interest and curiosity, this is exactly what a demo should be. Enough information to get an idea of what the game will be like but not enough to see what's coming. You have my curiosity, looking forward to more.

Thank you so much !! I hope you'll like the full game !

Maybe I didn't know how to progress but, I felt I was just being railroaded with what I was doing. It's a great concept either way just thought I was being dragged along.

(Use the arrow keys in the "level" menu to highlight different words, there's a lot of more to play / see !)

I love the style of this game and im really interested in the story! i cant wait for the full release of the game! :)

Thank you !! 

I hope you'll like the full game :)

need's more .. i really liked the art style and the sound track ^_^


Thank you ! 

(Use the arrow keys in the "level" menu to highlight different words, there's a lot of more to play / see !)

Wow this is great., you clearly know how to control the game's atmosphere. I'm excited to see more!

Thank you so much <3 I hope you'll like the full game !